41 Year Gap

41 years ago I was a young impressionable musician striving to be the best that they could be. Preparing for a big concert, Schubert I think, but then something happened that could have changed my life.

I was on a school exchange trip to Paris and staying with a lovely family. One day we all decided to go ice skating. While enjoying the afternoon I got pushed over and broke my wrist in two places. I was taken to the hospital and 2 X-rays later my arm was plastered! The original Plaster of Paris 🙂

As this was my left arm, non dominant, didn’t have too many issues. I got a razor blade and cut a curve in the plaster so I could rest my flute and continue to play. Innovation I hear you shout, well I did have a concert to do.

Rehearsals with broken arm – Hounslow Youth Orchestra

41 years later I was in between jobs. The first relaxing day I had my dog tripped me over and I fractured the scaphoid in my hand.

My right is my dominant and I suddenly realised I couldn’t do anything. My wife had to tie my laces, zip up my trousers I had to wear a special covering over my arm to shower. I couldn’t drive, lift, push pull or do anything that I would take for granted.

I had to relearn everything with my left arm or find alternative ways of doing things. I am a very loud advocate for accessibility but even I found it hard to get my laptop to do anything for me. The iPhone was a godsend. Siri and the accessibility options came into their own and I could do almost everything I needed by voice control.

I am currently waiting for the MRI results to hopefully give me the all clear and then the physio starts

Accessibility of technology for all is important and this incident has just reinforced how bad most tech is!

Just plastered!

One last thing – Kudos to our #NHS what an amazing bunch of individuals you are

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