Travelling on the London Tube

London Underground Sign

I am writing this as I travel on the London Tube for the first time since pre-pandemic! Quite a strange panicky feeling really – I am one of probably 5 people on the carriage wearing a mask with everyone else all sans mask! It’s only the 2nd time I have travelled down to London as well in the past 18 months so probably more nervous than most.

How do I feel about that? I am sat here wanting to tell people you can still catch it, it’s still here but I doubt anyone will listen.

Most people seem to have forgotten the past 2 years and I think mostly due to the fact that everyone here in London seems to have slipped back into pre-pandemic mode.

I lost my dad to covid so I think I am more wary than most, also I have not caught covid yet. BUT I have had 3 doses of the vaccine.

On my way back to Bristol now – see you soon

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